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Playing Catch-Up

Hey All,

It’s been quiet around here of late… Or, at least, it’s been quiet on the blog.  A lot has been going on since my last post.

Playing Catch Up

©Tenntucky Fiber Arts

I can’t remember if I told you all that R, and our friend Ann, and myself have been planning a Fiber Arts Retreat for the Tennessee/Kentucky region.  We looked around and really couldn’t find anything similar in a 400 mile region that wasn’t related to a shop in some way.  So we decided to create our own independent retreat that was focused entirely on the regional fiber arts in our area.  We’ve called it Tenntucky and we all poured our hearts and souls into the planning of our first year.  It went off without a hitch (a major one anyway) and we had an amazing 42 attendees!  It took place at the Lake Barkley State Park and Resort in Cadiz, KY :

Playing Catch Up

©Lake Barkley State Resort Park


Just look at that amazing place!  The semicircular building you see that wraps around the lake are the double storied lodge rooms!  Each room had a private balcony with rockers and a view of the water.  It was simply amazing.  A great time was had by all and there have been several beautiful blog posts written about it that would put anything I could write to shame — so I’ll just finish by saying that it was such a wonderful success that we’ve already booked our space here again for next year.  Mark your calendars if you’d like to come for October 23-25th!  I have asked our dear friend MB to guest post her beautiful blog here in the coming days to give you all an idea of what it was like to attend.  If you’d like to find out more information on the retreat, you can visit our website:  www.TenntuckyFiberArts.org 

Needless to say, that took a lot of time and mental energy.  The first year is the hardest as it takes a lot of time to come up with the website, materials, and correspondence format for such an event.  Unfortunately, I pulled a lot of that time and energy from this blog.  I’m hoping, however, to come back home here and reclaim a more regular blog posting schedule…

How’s everything else been going?  I’m glad you asked!  Work has been steadily heavy since I came on board and up to speed.  We’ve been running at full speed and getting further and further behind since December 2012.  It’s a good busy though and I’m still loving my job.  What.  A.  Change from CSC.

My beautiful wife, R, has been studying for her Professional Engineering licensing exam.  It looks like it’s going to be a bear of a test so if you have any good vibes, send them her way this Friday!  I know she can do it — I believe in you honey!

We’re still fostering schnauzers.  Right now we have what I would have to say is our most abused/neglected foster yet.  He came to us about a month ago (at my birthday — Oh yeah, I turned 31 this year… Ugh.) and I swear this poor dog has spent his entire life in a crate with no affectionate human contact whatsoever.  Note that I said affectionate contact — he appears to have been abused/beaten regularly.  In the past month, he has very slowly started to come out of his shell.  Although he still runs straight to his safety crate if you even look him in the eye, I have seen his tail wag on occasion and he does seem to be a good lapdog.  Please pray for this pup — he came to us with heart worms and ear mites and he’s got a long recovery road ahead of him.

Playing Catch Up



That’s enough for tonight, I’ll try to log on again tomorrow or Wednesday to bring up my massive quantity of WIPS Playing Catch Up


Happy Knitting Everybody!


WIP Wednesday #27

It’s WIP Wednesday and I’m knitting Retro Redux Shrug while reading The Amazing Thing About The Way It Goes by Stephanie Pearl McPhee…


Woolgatherings in February

Hey All, Last year R and I decided to sign up for the Spirit Trail Fiberworks Yarn and Fiber clubs.  They were 8 month clubs and each month we received two skeins of hand dyed yarn and 8 ounces of hand dyed fiber.  It was a wonderful club and by the end we had amassed… 

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Hey All, The other day I was walking into my workplace and without warning I caught a sense of the coming seasonal change into Autumn.  I thought about this for most of the day and I could never really place what it was that brought it to my attention — I could just feel it happening…. 

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Update Wednesday

Hello Everyone! I am happy to announce that good changes have been happening for us in our Miniature Schnauzer Fostering! For those of you who missed their previous introduction, we picked up 2 fosters in early May — one blind and both malnourished.  These poor dogs had been eating terribly unhealthy food causing a host… 

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